ZVOX 555 Home Theater Speaker Systems

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Though its compact enough to fit under your flat panel TV, the ZVOX 555 can fill your room with sound. 5 speakers, a subwoofer, an efficient Class D amplifier, and advanced processors all manage to fit into the 555 unit. Simply plug it into your TV or receiver with the included cables and start enjoying the virtual surround sound thats been getting rave reviews. low-profile TV speaker system houses five 2

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Bi-Amping with Adcom GFA 5500 and GFA 555

I have a pair of PSB Stratus Gold that I want to bi-amp. Right now I have an Adcom 5500 that sounds great with the speakers. I have a chance to get an Adcom 555. Would the 555 pair up nicely with the 5500? Anyone have experience Bi-Amping with different Adcom? (I also have a set of Magnepan MG ... Read More »

Is Sony 555 CD player too old?

I just got a tremendous fiasco at buying a NAD C545BEE CD player that disclosed not only a real bug for the particular unit but for all NAD CD player in the store ([url]http://forums.audioreview.com/showthread.php?t=31863&highlight=sachs[/url]. They got embarrassed and are managing a good end for th ... Read More »

'adcom GFA 555 Mk II' vs 'quad 909'

Need help to make decision. For a set of B&W 683, which one sounds better? [B]Adcom GFA-555 Mk II[/B] or [B]Quad 909[/B]. I can't choose between them, because I don't have a chance listen to them at the same time at the same place. In my town, they have different dealer.Read More »

Paradigm Mini Monitor vs Yamaha NS-555

Hey. I am going to be listening to 75% music 25% movies. I am just now starting to build me a system so I am new to this. Any suggestions on one of these speakers over the other? Thanks for the input!! ClayRead More »

Adcom Gfa-555

I see a lot of these Adcom GFA-555 amps available on Ebay. Is there a problem with this model? Is there some reason why everyone seems to be looking to sell theirs? I have heard good things about Adcom and I am in the market for a 2 channel amp around 200w/ch. I would like to bid on one of these ... Read More »


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