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Yamaha YSP-1
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Description: Surround sound in a Single unit speaker system with built in amplifiers; just add a dvd player and a television for instant home theater <b>Amp Section</b><br> Maximum Output Power (EIAJ)<br> 2 watts (1KHz, 10% THD, 10O) x 40<br> 20 watts (100Hz, 10% THD, 4O) x 2<br> <br> <b>Speaker Section</b><br> 1.5" (4cm) cone magnetic shielding type x 40<br> 4.5" (11 cm) cone magnetic shielding type x 2<br> <br> <b>Input Jacks</b><br> Two pairs Analog Audio (1V, 32 kO)<br> Optical S/PDIF Audio<br> Coaxial S/PDIF Audio<br> <br> <b>Output Jacks</b><br> Subwoofer Pre-out (1V, less than 120Hz)<br> Video Out OSD (1Vp-p, 75O)<br>


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