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Product Image
unknown Electronics ND-845 Theater System
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  89.96
Description: Get the best of entertainment from the comfort of your sofa with the Naxa Electronics ND-845 home theater system. This 5.1 channel home theater system creates a perfect cinematic environment within your four walls, for the ultimate movie watching experience. The five magnetically shielded speakers in this Naxa Electronics entertainment system reproduce the higher frequencies with improved clarity, smoothness and detail. The integrated subwoofer of this home theater system, with built-in amplifier, ensures a crisper, deeper and tighter bass response. Engineered with full Karaoke functionality, this Naxa Electronics entertainment system lets your family sing together their favorite tracks to the beat and the melody. Featuring a progressive scan DVD player, this Naxa Electronics ND-845 promises seamless playback of your DVD collection.


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