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unknown MYTHOS SIX Speaker System
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Description: Mythos Six is an equally sleek and sexy left and right main speaker (and of course it also makes a great rear surround). Its extremely shallow depth and very thin wall mounting system (included) makes it a perfect match for any flat panel plasma or LCD TV. Mythos Six also comes with a tempered glass base for cabinet, tabletop or shelf placement. Its construction is very similar to Mythos Four and Five with a polished extruded aircraft-grade aluminum cabinet (available in silver or black) joined to a PolyStone™ baffle to create a stiff and totally inert monocoque structure. Driver complement is two 3-1/2" bass/midrange drivers in D’Appolito array configuration with a 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter. Flanking the array are two 3-1/2" pressure driven low frequency radiators.


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