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unknown Technology System 20 THX Speaker System
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Description: System 20 by Atlantic Technology is a high performance home theater and music sound speaker system designed to mount in the walls of your home. The system consists of a three-way full range front satellite,System 20 LCR, and a switchable Dipole/Bipole surround speaker, System 20 SR. We recommend completing the system (especially for movie reproduction) with the addition of a THX certified subwoofer like the Atlantic Technology 372 PBM. The following section details important features and capabilities of these speakers. The System 20 LCR is designed for the front three channels in a THX Ultra certified home theater system or as a high quality music reproducer in a stereo system. Although it could be used as a surround speaker in a home theater system, it does not create the same kind of involving, believable surround field that the System 20 SR Dipole surround speaker will.


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