Infinity Systems Alpha Home Theater Speaker Systems

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The wall-mountable Alpha 25ES speakers offer an innovative design that makes them perfect for surround use. Each speaker has two angled driver arrays, with a 1" C.M.M.D. tweeter and 5-1/4" C.M.M.D. driver on each array. You can set each speaker for a dipole, bipole, or monopole configuration. The dipole setting means your speakers perform "out of phase," and it's great for creating a diffuse field of sound if your surrounds are mounted to the sides of your listening position. Choose the bipole setting if your surrounds are behind your listening position — this permits the speakers to fire "in phase" and produce clear off-screen effects. The monopole setting actually turns off the drivers on one array and lets you enjoy directional sound from the single active array — perfect for multichannel music listening!

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