Aperion Audio 6.1 Home Theater Speaker Systems

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Choose our 6.1 home theater system for use with your new extended surround sound receiver. The 6.1 system adds an additional rear surround satellite speaker for 360° surround sound. Many 6.1 decoders use two rear surround speakers but can be configured to use just one speaker. You will need to consult your receiver owner's manual to determine if a 6.1 or 7.1 package is right for you. This package includes six timbre matched satellite speakers along with your choice of subwoofers.

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Can 6.1 settings can be change manually?

i have cambridge audio azur 540 r-s i configure the cables to 6.1 surround the problem is that i unable to change settings |( trubles tunes and more..) Thank you for your time! Amit.:21:Read More »

Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper

I recommend you use Blu-ray Ripper/Burner for free trial software, it can convert all Blu-Ray DVDs easily and quickly. I hope it can help you: [url]http://www.blu-raydiscripper.org[/url] For Mac user: [url]http://www.blu-raydiscripper.org/blu-ray-ripper-for-mac.html[/url]Read More »

Swan Diva 6.1 mini-review

It's been 3 months since I picked up my Swan Diva 6.1's and my initial impression of the speakers that I posted on AVS still holds. Here is my mini-review: First off, my main comparisons for the Swan's are the speakers that I had pegged to replace my old, beloved PSB Century 800's...the Paradigm ... Read More »

Amp suggestions for Magnepan 1.6

I am looking to upgade my amp in my current 2.1 audio system. I listen to a lot of singer songwriter stuff, avett brothers, dylan, waits and a lot of 50s and 60s jazz and blues, and am almost always listening to vinyl these days. Currently looking at: Bryston 4B ST Parasound Halo A21 Vincent ... Read More »

infinity kappa 6.1 series ll

Blown emit-r tweeters. Any good replacements?Read More »

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