Aperion Audio 3.1 Home Theater Speaker Systems

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A 3.1 channel home theater system is the economical way to upgrade to home theater if you have two existing stereo speakers. You can use your Aperion Audio left, center & right 512D's up front and use your existing speakers as surrounds. If you happen to have "high-end" stereo speakers, use them as your mains along with the center channel up front and use the two 512D-LR's as surrounds. But be careful because once you hear how great the 512D's sound, you will probably want to trade your "high end" speakers for another pair of 512D's.

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MMGs in a 3.1?

Now that I'm a Maggie convert, I'm thinking about MMGs for fronts, an MMGC for center, and some sort of sub. Anyone using MMGs in HT? Thoughts? Suggestions for a compatible sub? Thanks in advance.Read More »

3 movies, 2 good 1 bad

Saw just a few movies recently. Two of which were really good while the last one sucked. Case 39 - This is a really good thriller with a great twist halfway through about a Child Protective Services person, Renee Zelwenger, who takes on the case of a little girl having trouble and finds the paren ... Read More »

HDMI 1.3 vs 1.4 for 3D?

Man this is confusing. Other sites say I should go with 1.4 for my 3D set up. What would you do? [url]http://consumerist.com/2010/03/sorry-monster-you-dont-need-hdmi-14-cables-for-3d-tv.html[/url]Read More »

Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper

I recommend you use Blu-ray Ripper/Burner for free trial software, it can convert all Blu-Ray DVDs easily and quickly. I hope it can help you: [url]http://www.blu-raydiscripper.org[/url] For Mac user: [url]http://www.blu-raydiscripper.org/blu-ray-ripper-for-mac.html[/url]Read More »

what is best 5.1 hdmi 1.3 4 ohm AVR or preamp/power amp under $3000

I am setting up a media room 14ft x 18ft. Picking speakers easy--- Magnepan MG12 or MG 1.6 with surrounds. HSU SUB. Projector Panasonic PT AE-3000. Stewart firehawk Screen. However, the AVR or Pre-Amp + 5.1 Amp is driving me crazy. I cant seem to figure out the best set-up. I have been thin ... Read More »


60.0 WA BLACK:

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