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Product Image
Verity Audio Lohengrin II
0 Reviews
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MSRP  79995.00
Description: The Lohengrin II is a two-piece speaker, with the bottom cabinet dedicated to the woofer…. [The] Lohengrin II's top module is a three-way design, mating proprietary 5" and 9" mineral-filled polypropylene-cone drivers to a 2" ribbon tweeter. This tweeter is special -- a Verity Audio-designed and -manufactured driver with claimed output to 60kHz." "The 5" midrange driver operates over a very wide range -- from the upper crossover point all the way down to where its output ceases." "When you walk around back, you see something unexpected -- a big, honkin' 15" woofer that the slimmer front of the speaker gives no indication exists.


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