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Product Image
unknown Speakers Take TWR Main / Stereo Speaker
0 Reviews
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MSRP  250.00
Description: Jealousy is something you get used to when you are the Take TWR. This elegant, slim and high performance speaker is the pinnacle of the Take Series, offering the highest level of sound reproduction and style. Featuring the same components as the rest of the Take Series, the Take TWR is voice matched to blend perfectly with any of its counterparts, making it excellent for use as front channels of a home theater system and a 2 channel stereo system. The quadruple woofer design allows the Take TWR to play loud, clean and deep, making your listening experience come to life. The Take TWR even includes a wall-mount bracket, in the event that you wish to install it to the wall, creating even more floor space. This level of flexibility and customization is second to none.


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