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Silverline Audio Technology Prelude
2 Reviews
rating  5 of 5
MSRP  1200.00
Description: <ul> <li>Design (Bass Reflex): 2 way</li> <li>One 1" aluminum/magnesium alloy dome tweeter</li> <li>Frequency Response: 35 - 28,000 Hz</li> <li>Sensitivity: 91 dB</li> <li>Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms</li> <li>Crossover Frequency: 3500 Hz</li> <li>Recommended Power: 10 -300 watts RMS</li> </ul>


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User Reviews

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by mkletecka a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: October 15, 2009

Bottom Line:   
Ah reviews, which “I find” can be biased/misleading/overblown and/or justifying ones purchase. With this in mind, please take my review in that regard and drill down deep and research, for each of our wants and needs are different.

As for the Silverline Audio Prelude II’s, they are one the best/if not thee best speaker I have owned (regardless of cost) and based on my 15 year audiophile/audio fool journey with five different systems, comprised of some highly touted, well known equipment with provenance (one set of speakers I owned cost $10K).

The Preludes are designed for smaller spaces, which is the size of most condo/apartment living rooms. The most important aspect of the Preludes, to my ears anyway, is that they are just plain “sonically right”, accurate but musical, airy, but have body, have excellent low listening level retrieval, but can also be played loud, and work fantastic with all types of music. In short, the more I listen to them, the more I want to listen to them.

Truth be told, there are many great speakers to choose from. However, If you are looking for speakers that do don’t take up a lot of visual space/undemanding to the eyes, easy to take care of and not worry about, but will totally satisfy and be appreciated by the most demanding listener, the Preludes are a must audition. If, there is a downside to the Preludes, it would be their low cost, the cabinets being vinyl wrapped (BTW, to my eyes it’s more like a laminate, very well done and attractive) and thus dismissed as being budget and not taken seriously.

The only way I would sell these Prelude II's is if I were move to a larger space that require a bigger speaker and then I would first have to look into Silverline Audio’s bigger floor standers or monitors, before making a final decision.

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Used product for:   1 to 3 months

Duration Product Used:   Audio Enthusiast

Product model year:   2009

Overall Rating:5
Value Rating:5
Submitted by jobman a AudioPhile

Date Reviewed: August 31, 2008

Bottom Line:   
I have one of the original pairs of Preludes made before the Stereo Review article was written. Mine are the first version reviewed in the artice, but the crossover was updated to the 2nd version.
I bought these directly from Alan Yun at Silverline. One little cabinet flaw, so I got a really great deal.
I love these speakers. Incredible midrange and everyone thinks I am using a subwoofer with them. I do not have a sub connected in my 2 channel system. Very musical, easy to drive with my Silverline 10wpc 300b or go for broke with my 250wpc Odyssey Stratos Mono Extremes.
I have currently moved them into the front channels of my HT system, using 3 Silverline Minuet speakers for Center and rears. Seemless sound and wow, can they play LOUD. (I do have a VMPS Larger Sub in the HT system)
I have been a fan of Alan and Silverline for a long time, having owned a pair of Sonata II's and the original Grandeurs.

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Used product for:   More than 1 year

Duration Product Used:   AudioPhile

Product model year:   2006

Price Paid:    $750.00

Purchased At:   Silverline Direct

Reviews 1 - 2 (2 Reviews Total)

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