PMC GB1 Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

The GB1 is a true breakthrough; a loudspeaker that encompasses PMC's award-winning professional monitoring heritage in a compact and elegant design, ideally suited to match modern décor and lifestyles.

As with all our loudspeakers, the GB1 employs PMC's advanced transmission line technology in conjunction with sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials. A labyrinth or tunnel (the transmission line) that is damped throughout its length with custom foams increases the air density within the cabinet by up to 30%. This boosted pressure not only improves driver control, thereby lowering distortion, but also increases bass response by a full octave. Low frequency response is identical at all listening volumes, clearly defined bass can even be heard at low playback levels.

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PSB GB1 Speakers

FYI for any one looking for new monitor speakers. Audioadvisor is running a closeout sale of its remaining PSB GB-1 Monitors for $349pr, they normally sold for about $1,100pr. I just received their new catologue.Read More »

Which one is better? PSB Image B5 or G-Design GB1

Hi this is my very first post in this forum. I am no audiophile and have a question for those who are. Which speaker would you guys recommend if you would pay the same price for each one the PSB Image B5 or G-Design GB1? Thanks for your responseRead More »

Upgraded to PSB GB1's

Took the plunge today and upgraded to the PSB GB1's. I was using the PSB B25's but happed to be passing by my dealer and stopped in to sit down and take a listen to the GB1's. Boy is the this one hell of a speaker. It is definite improvement over the B25's in all areas. The biggest thing I notic ... Read More »

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