NHT M5 Floorstanding Speakers

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NHT 3-WAY MONITOR SPEAKER 150 WTS 5 1/4'''' => Model M5

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Magico M5

I know these speakers are above most people budget(I know mine) but I keep hearing glowing reviews of this speaker and I am just wondering if anyone has actually heard a set of these and what they thought. I know these are dream speakers for the super welthy but I just have to get some thoughts form ... Read More »

Marantz SA-11s1 or NAD M5 cd player

I just purchased a new NAD M3 integrated amplifier to go with my new ProAc Studio 140 speakers. Now I want to upgrade my NAD C542 cd player. I can get a deal (about $2,000 after taxes) on a new NAD M5 cd/sacd player or a used (1.5 year old) Marantz SA-11S1 cd/sacd player. Any opinions on which wa ... Read More »

Please add EPOS Acoustics M5 and M8 speaker categories

[url]http://www.epos-acoustics.com[/url] M5 is a bookshelf speaker, [url]http://www.epos-acoustics.com/products.asp?logging=150&lookup=m5[/url] MSRP $ 650.00 M8 is a center speaker [url]http://www.epos-acoustics.com/products.asp?logging=180&lookup=m8[/url] MSRP $ 600.00Read More »