Infinity Systems MCS Floorstanding Speakers

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Boston Horizon MCS 90 Speakers 5.1

Boston Horizon MCS 90 Speakers 5.1 I need some help! I bought the Horizon MCS 90 5.1 surround speaker system i cant find anything on the MCS 90's I see the MCS 100 and 130's is the MCS 90's a discontinued line? Are the a quality speaker? thanks gRead More »

MCS turntable

Anyone have any thoughts, facts, reviews or other commentary about MCS know...the stuff they sold at JCPenney in the 70's. There's one on Craigslist in Dallas that looks like it has a big, sturdy wood base, like the Pioneer or Marantz turntables from that era.Read More »

MCS 3235 manual

:confused5: :14: Anyone know where I can locate a manual for a OLD MCS 3235 receiver? I did a search and didnt find anything. So, I am hoping someone on this forum might be able to help me out. Thanks!Read More »

mcs Modular component systems?

any one ever hear of them before? i am wondering how there quality is. i am new to vintage stuff and found a MCS 3245 and matching EQ. says 70wpc. i don't know much else about it. thanks.Read More »