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Is markw ban permanent or temp?

We definitely need more members participation, not less :)Read More »

operating temp for a TV

I have my classic 1987 Mits 20in TV stored in my rec room which is unheated. I just went to turn it on for the first time in a year and nada nothing is coming on not even the channel indicator light. I am wondering if it is too cold in the unheated room, it is maybe 45-50. I could move it up t ... Read More »

Temp Site Manager

Hi Mods, Those of you still around who might have heard or don't know, I am trying to get back to life while continues to seek out an official channel manager. So...Hi. My name is Adam, I am mainly a mountain biker but I know a bit here and there of audio as ... Read More »

Yes, New (Temp) Admin

I've had a couple of conversations now with atomicAdam, who is here temporarily to update the site. He wants suggestions on how best to improve the experience here and according to what he tells me, a new permanent admin is being sought. I'm going to post the two e-mail conversations I've had with h ... Read More »

Using a H/T Receiver as a temp Pre-amp

Hello everyone, my first post here, however; I've been visiting this site for many years and have enjoyed the reading! Here is a slight "What I've Got" Paradigm Monitor 7's V.2 Mains Polk Audio RM7500 Center and rears 2- Infinity CMMD 10 inch 500watt subs Denon DVD-2910 (Using DVD-Audio and ... Read More »


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