Wharfedale Diamond 9 Center Channels

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Product Description

  • 6.5” Kevlar drivers
  • Low velocity port tubes
  • Aluminum alloy tweeter surround
  • 1” soft dome tweeter
  • High power 'rare-earth' magnet

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Wharfedale Diamond 9.4s pretty basey (sp?)

i just got a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.4s. set them up and messed around with settings. i ended up turning the bass down -5 and it still sounds pretty basey. i have a subwoofer that i had to turn off altoghter. i am also getting much more sound from my center speaker, i had to turn that down ... Read More »

Wharfedale Diamond 9.4?

I ran into the opportunity to get a pair of 9.4's for $300 USD. Anybody heard them? I have no way of auditioning them, but I can return them minus shipping charges within 30 days. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. -MarkRead More »

Quad 22L vs. Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 vs. Evo 30

I'm building a 2nd system which will be for MY listening room. I have the Quad 22L's in my 1st system and was hoping to find a cheaper alternative since budget is always tight. I've considered the Wharfedale Diamond 9.6's and Evo 30's since they're owned my the same parent company. Has anyone had a ... Read More »

Quad 21L or Wharfedale Diamond 9.5?

Hello, I've been reading reviews and been trying to buy a cool pair of speakers along with a new amp.. right now I am borrowing a pair of cerwin vega vs150's.. they're ok.. I'd like something better, and they're a little big for me.. they're being driven by a yamaha cr600 I was lent.. I want equipme ... Read More »

Wharfedale Diamond 9.1/9.2 Vs Monitor Audio B2?

I am about to purchase a two channel hifi setup for use with my pc. I currently own a set of logitech z680 speakers which are 5.1 and pretty loud and clear for the money. The Logitechs have been great, but since i rarely use them in 5.1 setup I want something thats better for music. Now having th ... Read More »

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