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Product Image
unknown Hear This 6.2 CI Center Speaker
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MSRP  375.00
Description: The high-output, full frequency response 6.2 CI is NHT's best in-wall loudspeaker. It delivers the exacting detail and broad sound stage necessary for serious music listening -- as well as the dynamic range demanded by multi-channel digital surround. Designed for placement vertically or horizontally (for center channel use), the 6.2 CI employs dual 6.5" woofers to deliver impressive bass response to 39Hz, and a 1"metal dome tweeter to provide midrange detail and broad coherent dispersion. A heavy MDF baffle incorporates a proprietary isolation system that minimizes vibrations being transmitted to the wall, reducing midrange coloration. The 6.2 CI also includes NHT's acoustic foam inserts to create a virtual enclosure for more consistent response.


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