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Product Image
unknown Vega E-75C Center Speaker
0 Reviews
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MSRP  83.00
Description: Why is it, that from most concert seats the musicians look downright teeny but sound huge? While the seats could be the result of a particularly slimy ticket broker, chances are, the sound is a result of red surrounds with "CVs" on the dust domes. For over 40 years, Cerwin-Vega has filled concert houses and movie houses with bass-blasting sound. Now the company has designed the E-Series to fill your house with the same 125-decibel, wake-the-dead, shake-the-living, big beat. If you want to build a great sounding system, the E-Series offers you building blocks. You can fit a pair of floor standing tower models into your home audio or home theater listening area. And fill the room with 400 very loud watts of pure-pounding Vega bass. Add a pair of compact E-Series bookshelf models and center channel speaker and you get full-surround, gorilla-growling home theater. Quickly, simply, and seamlessly.


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