Soliloquy 5 Center Channels

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"5 Reasons Dolby Atmos May Be DOA"

Compliments of Audioholics, "[URL=""]5 Reasons Dolby Atmos May Be DOA[/URL]" I can relate to the too expensive part, and it would be hard for me to place speakers to good effect in my restricted space. Beyond that, it remain ... Read More »

December 5, 1974

Was the release date of this work on vinyl : [IMG][/IMG] I have a very nice Japanese Remastered HDCD version of this work and was listening this morning on the drive into work. I saw the 1975 tour with Moraz in Texas (one o ... Read More »

5 minute healthy meal

Lets face it. After a long day (or night) at work, last thing we want to do is sweat over stove trying to make meal. Here is meal that takes only 5 minutes to make and vey healthy. All we need is caned refried beans, a soft flour tortilla. And filling of your choice such as tomato, lettuce, onion, ... Read More »

5 decades of David Bowie

On David's Bowie's 67th birthday, Rolling Stone posts Bowie videos representing 5 decades of his work. Enjoy.... [url=]Sound and Vision: Five Decades of David Bowie Videos Pictures | Rolling Stone ... Read More »

Pass Labs X150.5 Has Arrived

UPS dropped it off around 1:00pm. Took my hand truck to get into my audio room. Then I rigged up my furniture dolly and some plywood so that the amp and the shelf were at the same height. Replaced the MIT bananas with the supplied spades. Couldn't use my Voodoo power cord as the distance between the ... Read More »


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