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Setting up 5.1 speakers

Would anybody like top help a newbie? I have been using a very crap pair of 2.1 speakers. Today I bought a set of 5.1 speakers with subwoofer and an amp. My soundcard is an Asus Xonar D2X (I am using Windows 8). The speakers and subwoofer are Tannoy TFX 5.1. The amp is a Sony STR-DH520 Subwo ... Read More »

Help with Angled LCR Ceiling Speakers for 5.1 Solution

Hello Everyone, I have met my match on researching angled LCR speakers for my new 5.1 system. I know all of the pros and cons here and will be doing my best to mitigate some of them, but I don't have a choice on placement. The wall with the TV is a plaster wall which is in front of brick wall - no ... Read More »

Will Onkyo txds-656 play blu ray 5.1?

Hi all, I am thinking of getting a blu ray player for Christmas and hooking it up to my Onkyo txds-656, (which I LOVE), via optical coax, question is will the Onkyo txds-656 play the blu ray in 5.1 via the optial coax or any other connection, or am I out of luck?Read More »

Listen dolby digital 5.1 channel by Headphone

Hi, I want to listen Dolby digital and DTS 5.1 digital surround channels (from DVD movies) through headphone, may I ask what best brand/model I can buy? I purchased before Sennheiser Lucas, which I can listen through headphone Dolby Surround Pro-Logic surround channels from DVD, but I want dig ... Read More »

Mirage mx 5.1 subwoofer inquiry

I recently bought the Mirage MX 5.1 home theatre system. It sounds terrific overall except the subwoofer is working at minimal volume. It has two RCA jacks on the back of it, one L and one R. On my Denon reciever, it has a single subwoofer jack [B][I]and[/I][/B] a L and R jack as well. When I pl ... Read More »


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