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Product Image
Dynaudio Evidence Center
0 Reviews
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MSRP  16500.00
Description: Considering that Home Theater and multi-channel music are as much of an importance as true high fidelity music listening, Dynaudio has now introduced the ultimate high-end performance Center Channel speaker dedicated to its art. As the Evidence ”Master” and ”Temptation” models have already set reference level standards for music listening, and also offer a much desireable controlled dispersion technology that is most ideal for a Home Theater system, the aspect of the absolute high-end multi-channel speaker system is now a reality with the addition of the Evidence Center speaker. A full Evidence multi-channel speaker system yields an unprecedented level of dynamics, resolution, and exacting imaging, giving the listeners a Home Theater or musical experience unlike any other. <p /> The new Evidence Center embodies much of the same advanced technical prowess and elegant aesthetic attributes of the Master and Temptation models, while advancing the state-of- the-art in dynamic transducer technology and performance in its class and offering a perfect solution for an Evidence Home Theater system. Having realized its design objectives of offering unlimited dynamics, high resolution, low distortion, accurate tonal balance, completely controlled sound dispersion, and uncolored performance, the Evidence Center perfectly reflects Dynaudio's advanced engineering capabilities and the company's dedication to excellence and value without compromise.


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