ALR Jordan Classic Center Channels

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The Classic Centre was constructed for reproduction in home-theatre systems. In order to meet the high demands of bass capability and resilience, the components used in the Classic Centre largely correspond to that of the Classic 5 floor speaker. Through this, all the outstanding and acoustic characteristics that even the most demanding music lover insists on remain ensured. This is essential for multi-channel music and home-theatre applications. Due to the magnetic shielding of the individual chassis, all picture-tube colour distortions can be excluded.

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speakers for classic system

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B&W CDM 1NT vs. NHT Classic Three?

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SqueezeBox Classic and Spotify

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Energy Take 5 Classic

Are these as good as the reviews I've read. Need a new system, and this one is in my budget. Would this system sound better than the polk tsi floor standing speakers?Read More »

The biggest record haul for classic rock

Today for $20 I scored over 60 records all in very good condition. Some famous classic rock artists. The guy even gave me RCA record cleaner and a bottle of D4+ record cleaning solution. Now I am loaded for the summer. Here is the list(took me 30 mins to write it) Rod Steward – Fool Loose & ... Read More »

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