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Product Image
Wharfedale (WHLOUDMAQU) Main / Stereo Speaker
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MSRP  20.00
Description: Lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to fill a room with sound, the LoudMan portable powered speaker system is all that's needed for a laptop, portable CD player, minidisc, or MP3 device. LoudMan provides superb stereo sound from powered speakers in a shell no bigger than a double-CD case. Wharfedale's use of NXT surface sound technology allows for small, thin speakers whose quality is far superior to the traditional small multimedia units that most people are familiar with. A built-in amplifier will accept a signal from any .125-inch minijack stereo output (cable provided), and dramatically improves listening experience, whether you're listening to a personal stereo with friends, giving a multimedia presentation, playing a games console, or just reviewing your latest MP3 downloads.


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