unknown Audio Bronze B Centre Center Speaker Bookshelf Speakers

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Product Description

The new Bronze Centre is the vital aesthetic and sonic link in any Bronze-based home cinema or multi-channel music system, bringing extra solidity, depth and realism to the front soundstage, especially with dialogue. Recognising that the centre is often the hardest working speaker in an A/V system, the new Bronze Centre has been designed with two 5.5-inch MMP® Mk2 bass-mid drivers that hand over to the C-CAM® tweeter at 2.6KHz. A special crossover network ensures the Bronze Centre has excellent vertical and horizontal off axis frequency response, eliminating the need for a 'hot seat' listening position and integrating smoothly with the Bronze B1, B2 or B4 in a home theatre set-up. An easy amplifier load, the new Bronze Centre will get the best from even lower powered A/V amplifiers (receivers). It can be driven to respectable levels with a modest 20 Watts.

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