unknown APS25-UH2 Main / Wireless Stereo Speaker Bookshelf Speakers

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Azden designed the new APS 25 powered speaker system to be as versatile as possible: wireless or wired, expandable, wall or stand-mounted, and built for absolute reliability - so you could cover the broadest spectrum of audio installations. Incorporating a 20 watt amplifier, the APS 25 is a rugged, 2-way speaker with a 5.25 shielded woofer and a 1 wide-dispersion tweeter that produces clear detailed sound for all corporate, educational and commercial applications. Only the APS 25 offers you the ability to include VHF, UVH, or Infrared wireless microphone modules. And, you can use either one or two modules, initially or later on. So you can order the speaker in any number of configurations and add to it in the future. Since we offer a choice of 25 VHF frequency modules, our 63 channel user-selectable UHF modules, or Infrared wireless, you can have multiple systems in one venue without interference.

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