unknown Acoustics BT2 Rear Speaker Bookshelf Speakers

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Product Description

The ultimate home theater and digital music speaker for medium and large rooms. Designed for installation inside A/V cabinetry or a theater stage, the BT speakers set new standards in performance and installation ease. Every aspect of the BT has been thoroughly thought out. Die-cast finger pulls” positioned at the front of each speaker enclosure allow easy installation in tight cabinet spaces, supplied neoprene pads prevent scratching and allow for smooth slide-in positioning of the speaker, all cable input terminals are recessed, and the width of the BT2 is a standard component size of 17.5. The BT2’s midrange/ tweeter baffle can rotate 360 degrees for horizontal or vertical placement in cabinetry—maintaining the proper sonic vertical alignment of the midrange and tweeter. The baffle may also be angled for more accurate imaging when the speaker is far off-axis

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