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Product Image
NHT SuperOne Xu
0 Reviews
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MSRP  188.00
Description: Renowned for high performance and affordability, NHT's Super Zero 2-way, 4.5" mini monitor and SuperOne 2-way 6.5" mini monitor loudspeakers are available in a specially designed Xu Extended Use) configuration. Xu's signature molded cabinets represent more than two years of research and development to perfect the special materials and unique internal ribbing that renders the enclosure sonically inert and identical to NHT's wood cabinets. <p /> Overwhelming acclaim from the audio media has firmly established the legendary sound quality of the Xu speakers. Both models have similar sonic signatures, with the Super One offering the greater bass response. Both models also provide the utmost versatility in placement throughout the the home, owing to soft cabinetry lines, black or white finish options, wall brackets and isolation bases (included).


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