Mirage Loudspeakers MX Bookshelf Speakers

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Product Description

  • Speaker fits in the palm of your hand
  • Versatile package unobtrusively fits any lifestyle
  • Omnipolar technology
  • Sleek and stylish high-gloss black cabinet

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Mirage mx 5.1 subwoofer inquiry

I recently bought the Mirage MX 5.1 home theatre system. It sounds terrific overall except the subwoofer is working at minimal volume. It has two RCA jacks on the back of it, one L and one R. On my Denon reciever, it has a single subwoofer jack [B][I]and[/I][/B] a L and R jack as well. When I pl ... Read More »

Merlin TSM-MX-r Review

I recently received my Merlin TSM speakers, which are the newest version. My review is too long for the forum, but it can be read at the link below... [url]http://carew.synthasite.com/[/url] If you can't tell by the review, I'm very impressed with these speakers! Cheers, RobRead More »

Yamaha Mx-1 & CX-1

Hi, I have a set of MX-1 (amp) & CX-1 (pre-amp) + NS-1000M speakers and am looking to sell these. Is anybody interested?Read More »

Miller And Kreisel Mx-70

So i came across a M&K MX-70 subwoofer for about $50 and i was wondering since i've never had experience what everyone thought of these who have? I heard that were pretty good, more so for music, but decent deep bass and good response.... Worth the $50 as a good buy? I see a low pass filter sw ... Read More »

Help with M&K MX-125 II subwoofer pop

I purchased an M&K MX-125 II back in 98. Recently it's been popping during really loud movie scenes and wondering if I may be able to fine tune the settings, or figure out if I have a bigger problem. Also, every time I adjust the base level it thumps wildly. Not sure if this is a related problem ... Read More »



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