KEF Model 3 Bookshelf Speakers

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Product Description

Model Three has five drive units and a 4-way crossover, with every component carefully matched and balanced to create a perfect illusion of presence wherever you sit in the room. Like all the Reference Series, it is fully magnetically shielded; as front speakers in the ultimate Home Theatre system, they deliver genuine cinema quality sound.

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Info about DLK Model 3's?

I recently just got a great deal on a pair of Acoustical Productions Inc. DLK Model 3's from a guy who said he bought them in 1970 and has had them since. I have been trying to research them and see some specs and see what they could be worth but have not been able to find much. Anyone know someth ... Read More »

Forte model 3 vs Jeff Rowland model 5

I have a Forte model 3 amp that I like very much but I was thinking of trying a Jeff Rowland amp with my Newform Research R630 speakers. They are both said to be very musical and have a nice midrange. Does anyone know what the high frequencies are like for the JR? I've read that they are rolled o ... Read More »


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