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Infinity Systems TSS-SAT1100 Main / Stereo Speaker
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Description: Adding one or two more Infinity TSSSAT1100 satellite speakers to the TSS1100 5.1-channel package will entice you into enjoying your favorite multichannel music and movies over and over again with even more realistic surround sound. This speaker boasts dual 3.50 MMD midranges and a 0.75 MMD tweeter--with an acoustical waveguide for a wider, more even high-frequency response--housed in a high-style, brushed, extruded aluminum acoustic suspension enclosure inspired by Infinitys premium Prelude Series. This all-metal enclosure provides an extremely rigid structure, virtually eliminating cabinet resonances. Put the TSSSAT1100 on a shelf or mount it on the wall with the included bracket. Magnetic shielding lets you place it close to the television without interference.


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