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Tributaries DCV-F Video OFHCC
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Description: · V2 dark blue 75 ohm coaxial cable<br> · Outer jacket made of highly flexible PVC<br> · First layer is a paper wrap, which acts like a lubricating paper to allow the outer shield of the cable to move freely against the PVC jacket. <br> · Second and third layers of the cable are tightly braided concentric oxygen-free copper shields. Two layers of shields are used for superior resistance to interference. No other video cable in the industry utilizes this much shielding. Slightly less copper content then our V1 cable.<br> · Fourth layer is an aluminum Mylar® wrap, designed to resist radio frequency interference above 1 MHz. <br> · Fifth layer is a foam polyethylene insulator around the center conductor, chosen for its insulating and low-friction properties. <br> · Lastly, the center conductor is constructed of 20 AWG wire containing 30 strands of OFHCC copper for superior flexibility<br> · 360° Circle-surround solder technique for best mechanical and electrical connection <br> · Terminated with heavy duty gold plated F connectors<br> · Limited lifetime warranty


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