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RHM Fuse
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Overall Rating:5
Submitted by Bob Simmler a an Audiophile

Date Reviewed: August 29, 1998

Bottom Line:   
I recently replaced my RHM Superzone solide-state Subwoofer with their tube model. I had been impressed with this unit when I auditioned it at the home of the company prez, and bought the autographed, limited edition 'Bronze Sierra' unit then and there. When I got it to my oceanfront home in Big Sur, though, it sounded harsh, with that silicone overtone we all hate so much. My Bob Silverstone designed system had never sounded worse! And since Bob personally designed and installed this system behind a sealed cabinet I cannot change tone, balance, or even volume. (As Bob says, a a B.S. designed system is perfect and never needs adjustment!) I called Bob, and he came over the next day. He and his three assistants were great, and *volunteered* to work for only double rate, even though it was Wednesday, his usual day spent relaxing at home with his own B.S. system. As usual, due to the patents Bob holds, I was not allowed to watch as they labored over my system, trying to help me recapture my musical happiness. By eight that evening Bob and his crew had found, and fixed, the problem. It seems the fuse in the subwoofer had not been broken in properly! Luckily, a local Radio Shack store was still open, and Bob worked his magic on the manager, persuading him to *stay* open until Bob had fixed my problem. Bob took a Radio Shack fuse and _completely reworked it_ to his specs. He then broke it in, at great personal risk to himself, by sending __110 Volts__ through it!! When the B.S. fuse was in my system late that night, it took me a few minutes to recognise the difference until Bob pointed it out to me, then I saw the light. Brighter,Stronger soundstage. Big, Significant difference in bass sounds. Boy! Super! And the cost was insignificant, all things considered. $17,846.98 is small price to pay for a Better System.
Bob and his helpers were so happy for me that they were laughing with joy as they pulled away from my house. And the next day, I was able to thank Bob's identical twin brother. who works at the Radio Shack. It's impossible to tell them apart, but I owe them both thanks. (And the price of the fuse itself, I haven't gotten the bill yet.) So thanks to Bob Silverstone and all the boys in service, their buddies in sales, and all who bring us all of the Big Sounds!

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Reviews 1 - 1 (1 Reviews Total)

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