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Product Image
Monster Cable  Z200i X Reference Interconnect
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  99.95
Description: - Advanced audiophile interconnects with extra-heavy windings for wider dynamic range.<br>- Extra heavy low and mid frequency conductors for more powerful bass and midrange.<br>- 3-Way Bandwidth Balanced construction for smoother, more accurate sound. <br>- MicroFiber dielectrics for the absolute lowest possible noise floor. <br>- HDP insulator for super fast signal transfer and dramatically reduced dielectric losses. <br>- Time Correct, multiple-gauge wire networks for pinpoint sonic accuracy. <br>- MultiTwist construction rejects audio bandwidth distortions for greater clarity. <br>- Double shielding of 100 percent copper/mylar foil and 95 percent copper braid for greater rejection of EM and RF interference.


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