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Universal Remote Control, Inc. MX-1000
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Description:  <LI> Preprogrammed and Learning LCD Touchscreen with Joystick Operation <LI> LCD Touchscreen with 50 customizable pages <LI> Total of 4 display pages per each of the 12 devices (components) <LI> Two LCD pages for device buttons <LI> Up to 14 distinct buttons or commands per each screen (or page) Commands Per Device: <LI> 64 touchscreen commands per device <LI> 13 hard button commands and five joystick commands per device Joystick Operation: <LI> Provides quick access to device options w/thumb Preprogrammed: <LI> For over 1,000 audio and video components (devices) <LI> Set-up is easy using three digit preprogrammed code numbers Learning Capability: <LI> Learns up to 780 commands via infrared from device remote controls Custom Adjustments: <LI> The LCD screen and buttons feature "EL" Backlighting Illumination - duration can be adjusted according to personal preference <LI> The function beep sound, low-battery warning, set clock/date, and LCD contrast levels can all be adjusted Macro Control: <LI> Sends out multiple commands at once <LI> M1, M2, M3 keys send out 28 commands each <LI> 12 device buttons that send up to 14 commands each <LI> 60 favorite channel buttons send out 12 commands each Punch Through Operation: <LI> Punch Through operations of any of the 12 devices from any of the 12 devices for Volume, Channel and Transport (Play, Stop, Fast Forward, and Rewind) PC Interface: <LI> RS-232, 3 wire mini-plug (included) for connectivity with your PC to program the remote control and download update versions of the operating system Memory: <LI> 4 MB non-volatile SRAM Remote Capability: <LI> 12 devices (components) in total Batteries: <LI> 4 AA alkaline (Duracells Included) Dimensions: <LI> 8.9" x 2.9" x 1.5" (L x W x H) Weight: <LI> 10.2 oz (with batteries) Warranty: <LI> 1 year parts & labor


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