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Product Image
Sonos CR100 LCD Remote Control
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  399.00
Description: Now you can have instant access to your entire digital music collection, including all your playlists, from anywhere in your home — inside or out. That's because the SonosTM Controller uses SonosnetTM, our secure wireless mesh network that extends the range of your Controller throughout your entire home. Which means you don't have to run to your PC every time you want to turn on, change or turn off your music. And, you can control everything from volume to music selection in any room from anywhere. When it comes to scrolling through your music library, browsing titles, viewing album art, queuing up tracks, choosing zones, and more, the large, full-color LCD screen and scroll wheel make it a real cinch. No other digital music system lets you do all that.


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