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Product Image
One For All Texas AM 4 Device Universal Remote Control Remote Control
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MSRP  20.00
Description: This universal remote pays homage to your team while you cheer. In team colors, with the team's logo prominently featured. Plus, this is a great remote! A great gift for any student or alum. The world's #1 Universal Remote control, it has the largest, most up to date code library of any remote control on the market. This remote consolidates up to 4 devices including TV, VCR/PVR. DVD, Cable or Satellite (DBS/DSS). Featuring a Master Power key to turn off all devices simultaneously. Ever woken up at night after falling asleep watching TV and have to fool with buttons to turn off all the devices with your current universal remote? No more! The FAV key will scan 10 of your favorite channels and the dedicated menu keys are compatible with Digital Cable or Satellite. Also comes with Closed Captioning.


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