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Sansui Sansui Stereo Reciever 3300
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Description: features are: A,B,C speakers, low and high filters, loudness, reverce, mono, adapter n-r, Tape 1 and 2, source, 4 channel adapter, fm muting, 2 headphone jacks, 2 tape monitor jacks one for rex, one for play back, mic jack, phono 1 and 2, fm auto, bass, treble, bal, vol, tuning, rear has noise reduction adapter out rec-mon in, 4 ch.adapter out and in, din plug for tape play and rec., pre out and main in, tape 1 and 2 ins and outs, phono 1 and 2, aux, a,b,c speakers, also fast acting fuses to protect the speakers, 2 external power plugs one sw one unswitched, also has build in fuse for the power source.


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