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Product Image
Cambridge Audio SR10
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  499.99
Description: The fully-featured SR10 combines a punchy integrated stereo amplifier with an FM/AM RDS tuner. A completely discrete high power amplifier mated to a custom design low flux oversize toroidal transformer instantly reveal its audiophile pedigree - as will its sound - the first time you hear it. And adding to the already weighty specification is a front-mounted connection for your MP3 player or iPod plus a full remote for the perfect armchair experience. When it comes to music, stereo is the way to go. With the Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10 2-channel receiver, you get a powerful amplifier thats been combined with a low flux, oversized transformer to create incredible highs and heart pounding lows for audio reproduction true to its source. Five inputs, including a phono input, and even a front port for an optional iPod dock, give you plenty of room for all your favorite sources. Stereo Receiver 85 watts x 2,toroidal transformer for rock-solid, clean performance


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