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Product Image
Bello CW-345
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Description: With sweeping architectural wood sides in Rich Caramel and tinted tempered safety glass shelves, this finely crafted wood table can accommodate most Flat Panel TVs up to 52' or 125 lbs., plus at least four audio/video components. The open design provides plenty of ventilation for convection cooling of components while the integrated CMS? Cable Management System easily hides and manages interconnect cables and power cords.Features: Sweeping architectural wood sides in Rich Caramel finish. 3 tinted, tempered glass safety shelves will accomodate four or more audio video components. An open shelf design, allowing maximum airflow to heat-generating electronics. Integrated CMS? Cable Management System to keep necessary wires tucked neatly and safely out of sight. Easy assembly, with all necessary hardware included. It is recommended for: Flat screen, LCD, DLP, Plasma and micro-display televisions up to 52


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