Paradigm Reference A2 Computer Speaker Systems

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(Ash Black Grain) each bi-amplified operation with two built-in 50-watt RMS amplifiers,frequency response: 55-20,000 Hz (±2 dB)

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need help, cant decide!! looking for 2.0 monitors.. av40, a2, rp5, etc

hi, my z2300 died so i'm looking to upgrade to something nicer.. this will be used for a nearfield desktop setup.. about 2.5ft from my seat, 12x9x8 bedroom the main priority for me is listening to music.. i play games and watch movies on a different setup so i'm looking at these two models: - sw ... Read More »

Toshiba HD-A2 Owners

Hey, I'm in the market for a new source as my $39 DVD player may not be the best source for listening to CD's. Since the HD-A2 is only $98, lately I was wondering how it may do for CD playback. For the record, I don't own any HD TV, so HD video and upconversion are useless at the moment. I'm in n ... Read More »

Walmart Sub $99 HD DVD Toshiba HD A2 Walmart Deal 11/2/07

Big news to all HD DVD prospective buyers (including current BR users who want to watch the rest of the movies available on HD DVD only)... Walmart has outdone themself. This Friday (11/2) they have a special from 8 AM to Noon that all Toshiba HD DVD HD-A2 players are being sold for $98.87! G ... Read More »

Toshiba HD-A2 first impression

I'm just now getting my feet wet with HDTV and video. I started this week with the display - a 50" Panasonic plasma. It's an '07 model, but because it doesn't output 1080p, it can be found for the same price as most of the new 42" 1080p plasmas. I have DISH network with the HD satellite and hd ca ... Read More »

Musical Fidelity a2 or a220 compare to Sugden?

Ok well i was looking for an upgrade from my NAD C350 and was really interested in the sugden a21a but its just too much for me at the moment. I was told from someone that the Musical Fidelity A2 is comparable and can be had for considerbly less. Do any of you have any experience with this class A a ... Read More »

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