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Theater Solutions Theater Solutions 300W Outdoor Black Omni-directional Speakers
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Description: Fill your outdoor deck, garden, patio, boat or any room in your house with high quality sound. These Brand New Theater Solutions black 2-way weather resistant speakers are made of heavy duty ABS plastic and rust resistant steel grills. The 4.25 inch 8 ohm rubber surround woofer with poly-mica cone and 1 inch dome tweeter are designed for the outdoor climate and great sound. The 2nd order 12db octave crossover delivers pure clarity in all music, from movie soundtracks to mozart sonatas. Every speaker comes with an adjustable omni-directional mounting system, hardware and installation instructions. Easy to install vertically or horizontally and quick hook-up with screw loaded raw speaker wire connection terminals. Click the link at the left to see these same speakers in white or Theater Solutions larger outdoor speakers also available in black or white. Sold only as a pair.


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