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Product Image
Terk TRK-S25
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  95.00
Description: Connect the TRK-S25 to a separate HDTV-compatible DIRECTVPlus receiver in order to get all of the standard and high-def DIRECTV programming currently available in your area. (Of course, you'll also need an HD-compatible television to enjoy HDTV's superior picture.) All three DIRECTV satellites will be able to transmit to your living room — plus three other rooms, thanks to the 'S25's built-in multiswitch. You can even watch a different channel in each room, as long as each room has its own receiver! <p /> 20" HD-ready, DIRECTV satellite dish antenna with three-dual LNBs provides digital quality picture and sound, the third LNB will (Sat-C) receive HD signals and local-to-local channels in some markets, integrated 5x4 multiswitch easily connects up to 4 receivers.


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