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Product Image
Niles Audio Corporation IntelliPad Ci Wall-Mount Touch Screen
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  549.00
Description: IntelliPad Ci Wall-Mount Touch Screen <LI>Auto-configuration for plug and play installation <LI> Favorite Function Keys provide clear labels and easy access to audio and video <LI> Real time system status display for easy system operation <LI> AM/FM Radio Station display when controlling Niles MultiZone Receivers (ZR-4630 and ZR-8630AV) <LI> Easy to read, 3.8" high-resolution, gray scale touch screen (320 x 240 pixels) with LED back lighting <LI> Built-in plasma-proof IR sensor provides interference free system operation from Niles R-4 and R-8 IR remote controls <LI> Seven LED Back lighted hard keys provide convenient access to frequently used system controls <LI> Customizable Master Keys and source component control screens <LI> Manual and PC programming (free PC programming software available for download at www.nilesaudio.com/techsupport) <LI> Connects to Niles MultiZone Receivers and Preamplifier via CAT-5 <LI> Field updateable firmware for fast feature updates <LI> Includes retro-fit installation mounting system (wall cutout dimensions 3-7/8" high, 4-3/4" wide) <LI> Optional pre-construction installation bracket (FG01060) <LI> TSP-1 Power Module (FG01059) required for installations with four or more TS-1 units; not including those connected to Expander


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