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Audioplan CleanCord G / S
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Description: CleanCord is a PowerCord combined with a high-frequency filter. The filter is built around the individual leads of the PowerCord without intersecting them. The filter unit is positioned directly in front of the rubber connector and therefore directly in front of the component to be filtered. CleanCord does need a fuse and features no current limiting. The filter effect of the CleanCords is restricted to extremely high frequencies and supplements the effect of the FineFilter and PowerPlant. CleanCord is especially suited for all digital components, such as CD or DVD payers or D/A converters. <P> <li>Specifications CleanCord G / S: <li>Supply voltage: 230 V ~ / 230 V ~ <li>Power rating: 16 A 25 A 16 A 16 A <li>Filter: Phase and neutral / phase, neutral and ground conductor <li>Design: Filter molded in copper enclosures <li>Supply: PowerCord G / PowerCord S <li>Length: 1.5 m, other lengths upon request


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