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Product Image
Panamax MIW-POWERKIT-PRO In wall
0 Reviews
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MSRP  169.99
Description: Okay, so youve achieved the clean, sleek, minimalist look youve wanted for your HDTV home theaterensp;mdash;ensp;HDTV and center-channel speaker at the front of the room, bulky AV components at the rear. Now all you need to do is connect them. The Panamax MIW POWERKIT PRO inwall powercenter kit provides the ideal power interfaces for linking your HDTV to a protected power source at the rear of the room. Run power, audio, and video cables through your walls and keep messy wires out of your home theater. In wall power protection system connects two audio/video components to an AC line conditioner or uninterruptible power supply in another location ,includes AC inlet, AC outlet, and audio/video cable faceplates


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