unknown Soundworks 740 Shelf System Mini Systems

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Product Description

The SoundWorks 740 uses high performance speakers that are combined with a special contoured amplifier to produce rich, natural, accurate sound. Because of their wide dispersion pattern, these speakers make the 740 sound much bigger than most table radios. Close your eyes, and you'll think your listening to a much bigger system. The 740 uses a buit-in powered subwoofer to produce great bass response - even when you play the radio at relatively loud volumes. More than half of the radio's interior space acts as the subwoofer cabinet. The Radio CD emplys a front-loading CD player that works like many car models - just feed the CD into the slot. The CD Player also plays MP3-encoded CDROMs. It's display system interacts with its jog control to allow you to adjust bass, treble, stereo modes, loudness, dual alarms and text modes. Stations broadcasting with RDS (Radio Data System) can actaully name the song currently being played. The display also shows the titles of CD that use the CD-Text system, as well as so

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