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Product Image
unknown Princess CD Shelf System
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  7249.00
Description: The award winning Wurlitzer One More Time-Princess CD Jukebox is a nearly identical miniature scale version of the full size 1015 One More Time CD Jukebox. The Princess was designed to fit small space requirements and can be used on countertops, mounted on the wall, or sit on our specially designed pedestal unit. Features include a programmable 120-disc CD changer, powerful amplifier, many user convenience features, and all of the classic 1015 styling. Just like the larger One More Time unit, the Princess comes complete with rotating color columns, distinctive round top, and trademark bubble tubes which create visually spectacular special effects. The Princess combines a truly unique combination of technology, styling, and convenience to produce a jukebox that will be a sure hit with your family, friends, or customers.


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