RCA RS2522 Mini Systems

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Product Description

- 3-Color Vacuum Fluorescent Display - Brightly illuminated, the fluorescent display allows the user to easily read displayed information from far away.
- Spectrum Analyzer - Attractively lit display for viewing the relative levels of several bands of the audio frequencies from the deepest bass to the highest treble.
- Rotary Encoder Volume Control - Provides for smooth, gradual volume control.
- Smart Jog Encoder - Jog shuttle mechanism allows easy operation of multiple system functions.
- Help Mode - Pressing the HELP button initiates the help mode, which displays step-by-step instructions for many features such as setting the clock, a preset electronic equalization or station preset.
- EZ5CD 5-Disc Drawer-Load CD Changer - Provides the most amount of music to be played while maintaining the small, sleek design of a 3-CD system. Unique conical tray allows five CDs to be placed in the unit while maintaining readability of all disc labels.
- Built-In Subwoofer with Multi-Amplification - Using more than one amplifier per channel, Multi-amplification or Bi-amping, divides the frequency range into two pieces: Low and Mid to High range frequencies. Power is then focused where it is needed, resulting in better sound with depth and range.
- Preset Equalization - Preassigned equalization of bass, treble and mid-range for optimum sound performance. Labeled for use with corresponding types of music (Jazz, Pop, Rock, Vocal and Classic).

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