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Product Image
Tritton Technology TANGO Pro 20 GB Digital Media Player
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Description: The TANGO Drive by TRITTON! Take photos, videos, music and data and go anywhere! Take ANd GO! The new TANGO Drive by TRITTON is a new concept in storage. The compact sleek design sports a 20GB 1.8 hard drive, a card reader that supports 12 different formats, a 2 color LCD, photo viewer, video playback and MP3 player. The interface supports USB 2.0 for high speed transfer, up to 480Mbps. Play your videos, display your photos, and listen to your music on your TV through the video and audio out ports on the drive. An ultra slim remote is included for controlling the TANGO Drive making it even more convenient. A rechargeable Lithium Ion battery gives you approximately 9 hours of use. Additional batteries are available as an accessory.


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