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Transcend T.sonic™ 510 (256MB) MP3 Player
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Description: This tiny device is more than a USB Flash Drive. It combines a USB Flash Drive with an MP3 player, A-B repeat function, voice recorder and an FM radio. Your T.sonic™ 510 is equipped with a USB connection for easy data transfer between any USB enabled desktop or notebook computer. With the T.sonic™ 510, you can upload and download music files to and from a computer and then play the tracks on the device. Using the A-B repeat function, you can continuously replay a designated section of a track, which can be used as a handy language-learning tool. Also, you can record memos to yourself or from others using the digital recorder. With an FM radio built-in, you can always listen to your favorite radio station. Transcend’s latest T.sonic™ 510 is a step above the usual MP3 player.


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