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Product Image
iRiver H320 (20 GB) MP3 Player
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Description: The iRiver H320 builds upon the extensive feature set of the iHP-100 series adding a full colour 2" TFT display; allowing you to browse JPG and BMP images and customise your H320 to suit your personality. The H320 also is the first MP3 player to support "USB On The Go"; this allows you to connect other USB units to the H320 and use them together without the need of an computer. For example, if you have a digital camera (the camera must be supported), connect it to the H300 and transfer the images from the camera to the H300. The H320 will keep on running with a massive 16 hours battery life. Add to this an FM tuner, text viewer, voice recording, direct encoding, multi-codec support and a massive 20mW per channel of sound output and you've got a true goliath of an MP3 player!


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